Monday, September 22, 2008

1000-Dollar Photo!
Stanley Park, Sunday afternoon... I thought the multi-colour fall leaves are worth a shot. My wife put her purse in the trunk and we went to shoot for 10 minutes and not farther than 50 metres from the car. Mr. Thief broke the window, opened the trunk and stole the purse... that easy.
Sad thing is the police did not come to the scene, the police did not mentally help, and when I wanted to explain (in pnone) that my wife had seen the guy running away, the police shouted at me, 'stop, answer only with yes or no, did you see him breaking the window?' as if I was the suspect! Later I went to West Van police to complain about that, they did not even open the door! They said in the iphone I had to call Vancouver police and West Van police could not help me!
Moral #1: Never rely on the trunk for valueables!
Moral #2: It's only in movies that police comes for the finger prints; it's only in movies that police can find a suspect by cell phone (the cell phone was in the purse); and it's only in movies that police can follow a suspect using the transactions of a credit card (Mr. Thief used the Master Card to purchase a 350-Dollar bus ticket as per the bank statement when I called for deactivation 30 minutes after!)
This is shot by my wife:

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